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Our showroom can be visited by appointment. We take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

We can still deliver our products from door to door. We are happy to help you and we send you high quality pictures of products of your interest.

If you have any questions about the situation just contact us!


“Unique interior, Unique materials,
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Experience, knowledge, fast communication, reliable and committed. Features that suit Unik.

We deliver luxury interior products of the finest materials, where quality is of primary importance. Our critical selection starts right at the source where the materials are extracted. In combination with the high-quality finishes ensures that we only deliver the best products to our customers. Whether it is the best drying of the wood of our tables or the best quality marble tables: we only settle for the best. Through the options that we offer within our customization, we ensure that our products always match within the interior.

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Unique materials

Through a critical selection and continuous quality checks, we ensure top quality products.


Because we have years of experience in the delivery of our products, we can tell you everything about the materials and the possibilities.


Treetrunk tables of special types of wood, petrified wood tables, marble tables, special wash basins and much more: all products with a special story. We are happy to tell you the backgrounds.


Most products can be delivered in the desired size, height and numbers. With a large range of table bases, supplied in the desired color of powdercoating and a choice of various finishes, we ensure a perfect match within the interior.


We deliver our products worldwide. We have a broad network of shipping partners so we can arrange shipping worldwide to any place for sharp rates.



Petrified wood tables, large offer, your customized petrified wood table

Contact us for more information and to check our current stock. Do you want more information about these special tables? Check the page of these tables or contact us directly.

Petrified wood side table black
P. Coco

Excellent service, communication and product. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and out piece is simply stunning. Thank you, Unik!

C. Michel

Unik team provided me advices, technical details and finally a wonderful piece of wood. Thank you.

M. C.

I bought a fossil wood sink. It is beautiful and very original. It makes my bathroom very special. Before buying, Unik gave me all explanations and photos I asked for. The shipment has arrived perfectly protected and in optimal conditions.