Agate side tables: eye-catchers in the interior

Because of its beautiful appearance, Agate is a very popular gemstone. The beautiful colours and crystals immediately catch the eye and Agate side tables are regularly used in luxury interior projects. We offer these special side tables in every desired size. We also supply these side tables in three different Agate colors: natural / grey, black and blue. In addition to side tables, we also have Agate dining tables and Agate coffee tables.

Origin of Agate

The word Agate comes from the Latin word Achates, the name of a river in Sicily where this stone was first found. In addition to Italy, Agate is also extracted at various places in the world, such as India, South Africa and South America. Most of the Agate stones that we use come from Brazil. Agates are formed in rocks that contain blows, cracks or fissures, such as in volcanic rocks. A filled hollow space is filled with minerals. More information about Agate side tables can be found below:


Produced with care

Every Agate table is composed from the most beautiful Agate pieces. These are combined on a transparent glass plate for the most beautiful effect. By polishing the top, the colours stand out beautifully.


Available in 3 colours

We offer our Agate tables in 3 colours: Grey/natural, Black and Blue.


Your custom Agate table

The Agate tables will be delivered in any custom size and shape: round, oval and rectangular.


Worldwide delivery

We deliver these beautiful tables worldwide, safely packed against sharp rates.

Custom table base

Each Agate side table is supplied in the desired height with a choice of various types of bases. The colour of the coating on the base provides the finishing touch to your side table. We are happy to inform you about the options.

agate table

More information about our Agate side tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these unique side tables. Please indicate the table size you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information.

Agate side table

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