petrified wood sink

Petrified wood sinks

Handmade from millions of years old material

Petrified wood sink
Petrified wood sinks
Petrified wood sinks
Petrified wood sink

Petrified wood sink as a unique item in your bathroom

A petrified wood sink is the eye catcher in your bathroom. A natural stone sink is extremely popular in the contemporary bathroom design. A petrified wood sink is in this category and has a beautiful natural look. The history of millions of years and the handycraft that is involved makes a petrified wood sink extra unique and is called one of the most unique natural stone sinks available.


Petrified wood sinks
Petrified wood sink
Petrified wood sinks
Petrified wood sink
Petrified wood sink
Petrified wood sink

Production of a petrified wood sink

Like our petrified wood coffee tables and petrified wood side tables, a petrified wood sink is made from petrified tree trunks that are mainly found on Sumatra in Indonesia. A petrified wood sink is therefore a unique and sustainable product. The petrified wood sinks are polished by hand and in some cases the outside of the stone sink is kept raw and natural, for example when the bark is still clearly visible.

Every petrified wood sink is unique

Every petrified wood sink that we offer is personally selected for both appearance and quality. The variant where the outside of the petrified wood sink is polished gives a modern look. A petrified wood sink with a raw outside gives an extra natural touch to the petrified wood sink. Both variants of a petrified wood sink look great in a modern styled bathroom. More information about these special petrified wood sinks can be found below.

Unique appearance
Available in sets

A sink with character

The age-old material is characterized by the beautiful colours, minerals and crystals that become visible after polishing. There is no natural stone sink with such a unique appearance.


Environmentally friendly sinks

The petrified tree trunks from which our petrified wood sinks are made of have been dug up in Sumatra Indonesia. A unique product with a sustainable character: a great story!


Identical sinks

Our petrified wood sinks can be supplied in sets of two. The sets come from the same petrified tree trunk so that the shape and appearance are the same. This makes the two sinks match perfectly with each other.

More information about our petrified wood sinks?

We are happy to inform you about our petrified wood sinks. Do you want to receive an overview of the current offer? Then contact us for more information.

petrified wood sink

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