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Stone sinks

Unique stone sinks: petrified wood sinks and riverstone sinks


Unique stone sinks for your bathroom

Petrified wood sinks

A stone sink is very popular in contemporary bathroom design. We supply natural stone sinks from petrified wood and river stone. Petrified wood sinks give a bathroom a natural and chic touch. The petrified wood sinks are handmade and come from petrified trunks that are mainly found on Sumatra. Material of approximately 20 million years old that is made into a wash basin: very unique. Every petrified wood sink is unique in shape and colour. We offer our petrified wood sinks in both a natural and modern variant. With the natural variant, the outside is raw, while the modern variant has polished sides. Both versions of these natural stone sinks look great in a modern bathroom.

Riverstone sinks

In addition to our unique petrified wood sinks, we also supply beautiful stone sinks, also called riverstone sinks. Riverstone sinks are made from river boulders from Indonesia. As the name suggests, the river stones are mainly found around river beds. Just as with the petrified wood sinks, river stone sinks are handmade. A beautiful natural product. The riverstone sinks  can have a grey to light brown colour. These colours are almost always matching with the bathroom design and create a beautiful natural atmosphere. A wonderful change in a modern bathroom.

Below you will find more information about the different types of our stone sinks.

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