Marble coffee tables for the chiq touch

We have a wide range of marble coffee tables and offer many different types and colours of marble. Do you want a white marble coffee table or do you choose for a modern black marble coffee table? From the white Carrara marble, the black marble Nero marquina to very unique types of marble. Be informed about our marble selection and the options that we offer. Whether you want a quiet-looking marble coffee table or a marble coffee table that catches the eye: our wide selection of marble always matches your wishes.


Marble coffee table
Marble coffee table
Marble coffee table
Marble coffee table

Your custom marble table; our process

You can indicate which colour or type of marble is preferred. We offer various types of marble within certain colours. After this we will present you an available marble slab from which your marble table top can be produced. Buying a custom marble coffee table from us means that you know what your marble coffee table will look like in advance!

Appearance of your marble coffee table

In addition to the type of marble, a number of things determine the character of your marble coffee table. The finish of the top is very important: do you choose high-gloss polished or do you want a matt subtle look of your marble coffee table? Do you want a white round marble coffee table or do you prefer a square or rectangular table? Anything is possible.

In addition, we discuss the table base model, the colour of the base and the height of the marble coffee table with you. This way you’ll get your marble coffee table following your wishes. Besides custom marble coffee tables we also have marble coffee tables directly available from our showroom.

black brown marble coffee table
white marble coffee table
grey marble coffee table
marble coffee table square
small grey marble coffee table

Impregnation of a marble table: protected against fluids

Before we deliver our marble coffee tables, we ensure the correct protection of the coffee table by treating the surface with a special impregnation. This way your marble coffee table is extra protected against liquids so the stunning appearance is secured for a long time.

Top finish

Polished, honed or brushed

The finish of the marble top largely determines the appearance of your marble coffee table. In addition to polished and honed (mat), a beautiful natural effect with light reliëf is possible through a brushed surface.


The best quality marble

What applies to our other tables also applies to the marble tables: quality is our priority. We only supply marble tables with the most beautiful appearance. Our marble tables are made from the most beautiful marble pieces. We select these ourselves.





Round, oval or rectangular

You can choose the desired type of marble, the shape, edge finish and top finish. After choosing the type of base your customized marble table is ready for delivery.


Worldwide delivery

We can deliver our tables worldwide and provide maintenance products to keep your marble table in top condition.

Custom table base for your marble coffee table

It's possible to receive your marble coffee table in the desired height with a choice of various types of table bases. The colour of the coating on the base provides the finishing touch to your coffee table. We are happy to inform you about our offer and the possibilities.

More information about our marble coffee tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these coffee tables. Fill in the form below. Please indicate the table size and desired colour you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information.

grey marble coffee table

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