Kauri tables, the gold from the ground

Our Kauri tables are made from the oldest and most unique wood in the world: the Kauri wood. These special live edge tables are custom made in most cases. The wood comes from giant trunks of the Kauri tree, New Zealand’s largest tree species. Kauri is known for its phenomenal appearance and a beautiful grain structure with golden accents. This appearance cannot be found in any other type of wood. Kauri tables are rightfully called the most beautiful and exclusive treetrunk tables that can be found worldwide.


Kauri table
Kauri table
Kauri table
Kauri table
Kauri table
Kauri table
Kauri table

Unique and environmentally friendly

The living Kauri tree is protected and may not be harvested. The wood used for our Kauri tables comes from giant logs, dug up from former swamps. The trunks are underground, due to floods of mud and water far back in time. The wood of some trunks is perfectly preserved and can be used to make beautiful tables.

Custom made Kauri tables

In addition to the Kauri tables in our showroom, we also supply custom made tables, tailored to customer requirements. We discuss with you, among other things, the desired size, colour, appearance and use of epoxy resin. Based on the preferences, we select suitable Kauri table tops that meet the requirements. The final step is to choose from a wide range of table bases that we deliver at the right height and in the desired color; fully customized.

The use of epoxy resin on Kauri tables

Due to the age of the wood, the use of epoxy resin is common in case of Kauri tables. Depending on your preference, we select a table top that will have none, few or many epoxy resin fills. Epoxy resin is the best way to fill holes and cracks and above all it gives the kauri table a great look and gives you a glimpse into the table.

Kauri wood age (proof of age)

The kauri wood from our tables can rise up until 45.000 years old. The original kauri forests are among the oldest in the world. Wood fibers from Kauri trunks are examined to measure the estimated age of the trunk and area in question. Certificates of age can be delivered when buying a Kauri table.

Proof of age
Custom table base

The beautiful colours and unique grain ensure a beautiful appearance. A table with great class.


Get informed about the possible finishes on these tables; matt, silk gloss, high gloss or high gloss epoxy. Together we create the desired look of your kauri table.


The age of a Kauri trunk is set by means of carbon dating in a laboratory. When purchasing a Kauri table you will receive the result of this examination in an official certificate.


Every Kauri table is supplied with a customized table base. We coordinate the type, height and color of the coating on the base with you. Your Kauri table customized in detail.

Various offer of table base models

Be informed about our range of table bases. Each base is adjusted to the length, width and weight of the table. The colour of the coating on the base provides the finishing touch to your Kauri table.

Kauri Table

More information about our Kauri tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these beautiful live edge dining tables. Please indicate the size you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information. If you also want information about our dining chairs then visit our page of dining chairs or contact us to receive the catalogue.

Kauri table

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