Tree trunk coffee table

Tree trunk coffee tables

Tree trunk coffee tables with a gentle or modern look, you decide.


A tree trunk coffee table with a unique appearance

A tree trunk coffee table of the best quality in combination with the right finish ensures the most beautiful appearance. Why would you settle for a nice tree trunk coffee table when it can also look stunning? With us you are assured of a live edge coffee table that is above average in terms of quality and appearance. In this case, quality also means perfect protection of the tree trunk coffee table against liquids: no circles or stains in your trunk coffee table! Our live edge coffee tables are available in both round and rectangular variants: to be determined entirely according to your wishes.

Why is the quality of our tree trunk coffee tables distinctive?

Good quality of tropical woods starts with the correct drying of the wood. Our tree trunk coffee tables are dried between 11 and 13%, so that the wood stays in perfect condition in our climate. The benefits of a tree trunk coffee table in the right quality:

  • No large cracks in the wood
  • No mold in the surface
  • Handy weight because there is less moisture present
  • The good wood quality forms the basis for a beautiful finish of the table top

Mahogany coffee tables, suar coffee tables, solid oak coffee tables

We offer different types of tree trunk coffee tables such as Mahogany coffee tables, Suar coffee tables and solid oak coffee tables. We can finish our tree trunk coffee tables in different ways and offer a wide variety of table bases in the desired height.

Finishes for our tree trunk coffee tables

We offer a diverse range of finishes for our tree trunk coffee tables. All of them are top quality finishes, which means that you’ll get a maintenance-free coffee table. With a multi-layer sprayed lacquer in a matte, satin or high-gloss variant, your live edge coffee table is perfectly protected against liquids.  Your tree trunk coffee table is protected for many years. Contact us to inform about the options.


Decide the appearance

Get informed about the options: from matte, satin gloss and high gloss to a whitewash or grey-look.


Round or rectangular

We supply these coffee tables in round and square variants. A combination of two round tables is also possible.


Your Tree trunk coffee table customized

We supply our tree trunk coffee tables with various types of table bases and in the desired height.

Custom table base for your tree trunk coffee table

Every tree trunk coffee table table is supplied in the desired height. The colour of the powdercoating on the base provides the finishing touch to your coffee table. We are happy to inform you about the options.

Tree trunk coffee table

More information about our tree trunk coffee tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these coffee tables.

Live edge coffee table

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