Live edge outdoor table
Live edge outdoor table
live edge outdoor table
Live edge garden table
Live edge garden table

Outdoor tables

Unique outdoor tables: live edge outdoor tables, granite outdoor tables and ceramic outdoor tables.


Unique outdoor tables as a jewel in your garden

Unik has beautiful garden tables in its range, from live edge outdoor tables and beautiful granite outdoor tables with various appearances, to the unique and maintenance-friendly ceramic outdoor tables. We offer a suitable garden tables for every desired style in your garden, whether you go for a natural look or a sleeker and more modern character. Be surprised by the possibilities we have to offer.

Live edge outdoor tables

We offer two types of live edge outdoor tables: Mahogany outdoor tables and Suar outdoor tables. Both tree trunk outdoor tables are beautiful robust garden tables with a natural look. We supply the mahogany outdoor tables in any desired size with lengths up to 5 meters or more! The Suar outdoor tables can be selected from stock in lengths from 180 to 400cm. Smaller and larger on request. The tables are well protected against our weather influences with special outdoor finishes. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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Granite outdoor tables

We have a wide range of granite garden tables with beautiful types of granite. Feel free to inform about the different types of granite we offer and be surprised by the diverse appearances of these maintenance-friendly garden tables.

Ceramic outdoor tables

Very maintenance-friendly outdoor tables with beautiful marble looks, also known as Dekton garden tables. With our ceramic outdoor tables you can choose from a wide range of appearances with the looks of a marble outdoor table. The advantage of Ceramic outdoor tables is the ease of maintenance and they are very suitable for outdoor use.

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More information about our outdoor tables?

Would you like to receive information about our outdoor tables? Please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in our range of garden chairs, please request the catalogue.

Live edge outdoor table

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