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Who are we?

Born from passion for entrepreneurship and design, developed by knowledge and drive.
Welcome to Unik! The characteristics of my sporting background are interwoven into the DNA of our company. As an athlete you are looking for action and you strive for the highest attainable while continuously trying to improve yourself. The game is won when the customer is satisfied with a unique, customized product we have delivered. This aim characterizes our company where quality and customization are important pillars. We work with a small, driven team that analyses your wishes and realize them. Originally many products from our range came from Indonesia, but during the years our range has become so wide that our name no longer covers our business. Since 2020 we have continued under the name “Unik”.

What makes us happy?

Every company is looking for satisfaction and for us enthusiastic and satisfied customers are the driving force of our company. It is a reward for the work that is done before products arrive at our company and are placed in the showroom. We put a lot of energy in the intensive process in search of the best quality and selection of the right materials. Everywhere you put your energy in, you hope to get appreciation for it, isn’t it?

What makes us unique?

Just like many other companies, we claim to be unique too. Unique does not always appeal to the imagination. Our customers call our products and approach unique and that is what counts for us. In recent years we have been able to make many customers happy with our products at home and abroad. Our motivation is passion. Not only the passion for beautiful interior products, but also our curiosity about materials that are used for our products. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers who have an eye for special and unique interior pieces. We are happy to tell you about the origin of the materials and in which it distinguishes itself from other materials that you see in other furniture stores. We travel a number of times a year to the areas from which these materials originate and this enables us to fully inform our customers about our products. That is why we are specialists.

We welcome you in our showroom where we can show the options, where you can see and experience the quality and beauty of the products.

Niek Wouters

Information or an appointment?

Do you have a question or do you want to make an appointment to visit our showroom? Contact us, we are happy to help.

Petrified wood side table - Petrified wood stool
P. Coco

Excellent service, communication and product. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and out piece is simply stunning. Thank you, Unik!

C. Michel

Unik team provided me advices, technical details and finally a wonderful piece of wood. Thank you.

M. C.

I bought a fossil wood sink. It is beautiful and very original. It makes my bathroom very special. Before buying, Unik gave me all explanations and photos I asked for. The shipment has arrived perfectly protected and in optimal conditions.