Custom made conference tables

Conference tables form an important part of a company. It is the place where ideas arise, strategies are developed and where customers are received. A meeting room should be inspiring and a unique boardroom table forms the center of this room. We offer solid wooden conference tables made of beautiful woods, including walnut, suar, solid oak, mahogany and our very special kauri wood. In addition, we offer conference tables made of beautiful types of marble and ceramics in the desired size for your conference room.


Large conference tables

We deliver large conference tables for your company. Our solid wooden conference tables are available in enormous lengths. Conference tables for 10 people, a 12 people conference table or even meeting tables for 20 people and more. Some types of wood can be supplied in lengths of up to 6-7 metres.

Round meeting tables and oval meeting tables

In addition to our rectangular conference tables, we offer round and oval conference tables. A round meeting table or an oval meeting table gives a different atmosphere to your meeting room. In some meeting rooms, round meeting tables stand out better and the round shape can nicely “break” the room.

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round conference table

Canteen tables and office meeting tables

Our conference tables are multifunctional. They can also serve as a canteen table for your staff to rest during their break. Crafted from premium materials including suar, kauri, mahogany, Ceramics and marble, our unique tables are a stylish addition to any room. any business space. Whether you are looking for a custom canteen table for a casual lunch area or a luxury office meeting table to impress clients, we deliver craftsmanship and quality.

oak conference table

Conference tables made from the most unique materials

At Unik Living we create conference tables that go beyond the ordinary, with a range of special materials such as suar, kauri, mahogany, ceramics and marble. Add a touch of exclusivity to your meeting room with our unique creations. More information about the materials of our conference tables can be found below:

Kauri conference tables
Mahogany conference tables
Suar wooden conference tables
Solid Oak conference tables
Marble conference tables
Ceramic conference tables

Conference tables made of the most unique wood worldwide

Our Kauri wood conference tables from New Zealand stand out from the rest when it comes to uniqueness. Tables from excavated trunks up to 40,000 years old! The story and appearance of these tables is unparalleled. You can  also look at this page on the website for more information.


Large dimensions possible

Our Mahogany conference tables are made from one piece of wood and can be supplied in enormous lengths and widths. Imposing meeting tables with a beautiful natural look. You can find more information about these special tables on this page on the website.


Meeting in style

Suar wood conference tables are real eye-catchers within the meeting room. Stylish tables that can be supplied in various finishes. You can find more information on these tables on this page on the website.


Rectangular, round or oval

Solid oak conference tables in large sizes supplied in either a rectangular shape, round or oval. Our oak Boardroom tables are also available in various beautiful finishes so that you can fully match the conference table to the style within your company.


Custom marble conference tables

Conference tables of beautiful marble types in the desired size. Round, oval or rectangular in a polished or matt finish: your customized marble meeting table.


a low maintenance choice

Our ceramic conference tables combine style and durability. They are a practical choice for business environments where elegance and robustness are valued. Choose for the combination of functionality and appearance with our ceramic tables for meeting rooms.

Personalize your conference table

At Unik we give you the opportunity to personalize your meeting table to your wishes. choose for functionality with a meeting table with power socket, or add a unique touch to your meeting room by having your logo engraved in the conference table. We offer custom solutions that perfectly match your business needs and style preferences. Discover the many options for personalization and make your meeting room even more special.


More information about our conference tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these beautiful conference tables. Please inform us about the preferred type of table and the size you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information.

conference table
Niek Wouter - Owner Unik

“Conference tables are not just functional, but also the beating heart of productive collaboration. At Unik, we give these tables a soul, with unique craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are happy to help you realize the meeting table that suits your business”

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