Agate side table
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Petrified wood side tables
Petrified wood stool

Side tables

Petrified wood side tables, petrified wood stools, Agate and marble side tables: stylish and unique


Side tables made of the finest natural materials

There are plenty of ordinary side tables, while the use of side tables is becoming increasingly prominent with a multifunctional character. Placing it next to or in front of the sofa, but a side table also increasingly serves as a decorative item within the interior. A beautiful vase, plant or sculpture catches the eye even more in combination with a beautiful side table. If you are looking for a unique side table made of special materials, then you are in the right place.

Unique side tables

In our range of side tables you will find side tables made of various natural materials, such as petrified wood, agate and marble. Below you will find an overview of our range of side tables:

More information about our side tables?

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Agate side table