Discover the custom-made petrified wood dining tables at Unik

Are you looking for a very unique dining table with beautiful colours and patterns that have been created over millions of years? Then we are happy to offer you our petrified wood dining tables. The petrified wood tables are made from millions of years old fossilized tree trunks from Indonesia. With a petrified wooden dining table you get a beautiful table with a timeless appearance that never gets boring.

Durable and easy-care material

The petrified wood table tops consist of very hard material, which makes these tables easy to use and maintain. We apply an extra impregnation layer to the surface as extra protection against liquids. Only a moist cloth is needed to keep the table clean.

Where does our petrified wood come from?

No trees are cut down for the excavation and most petrified trunks come from Sumatra. A petrified wood dining table is not only unique in its history and story, but it is also a sustainable product that gets a new life in your living room.


Available in oval or round up to 160 cm

Our petrified wood dining tables are available in different sizes depending on the available stock at that point. On average, we supply tables between approximately 90 and 160 cm in round or oval shapes. We are happy to welcome you in our showroom and discuss the options with us. We are happy to advise you on how to achieve the right choice for a perfect match within your interior.

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Custom table bases

We offer various models of table bases to choose from. The bases are supplied in the desired height and colour to create the desired appearance.

Kauri Table

Matching Dining chairs?

Looking for matching dining chairs to match with the dining table? View our online chair catalogue or come by to view the models in our showroom.

Dining chairs

Let us help by chat or videocall

We deliver our products worldwide so we have experience with helping our customers from a distance and help them making the right choice. We can plan a chat session with you in order to answer directly to any questions and show you all options by photo or/and video.

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