Mahogany tables in any sizes

Mahogany is an African and South American wood type that can be finished beautifully when it’s of the right quality. Quiet looking with a robust and natural appearance. The Mahogany tables have a beautiful grain structure, which creates a unique appearance. The Mahogany wood has a predominantly light brown to a pale pink wood colour. With alternative finishes we can adapt the colour of your mahogany table. Also the finishing in mat, satin gloss or high gloss can be specified so that your Mahogany dining table gets the look that fits your interior.

mahogany trunk table 8 persons
mahogany tree trunk table
tree trunk table kitchen mahogany
tree trunk table mahogany
mahogany table light
mahogany table
Mahogany dining table
Mahogany table

Large sized mahogany tables

We can supply our Mahogany dining tables in any size. The trunks can be of enormous sizes, making lengths of more than 5 meters and a width of 130 cm no exception.

Mahogany dining tables and chairs

We offer a wide variety of luxury dining chairs in different styles. All chair models are available in different colours and most of our luxury chairs can be be delivered in fabric, velours, leather and micro leather. Take a look at our dining chairs section or contact us.

Indoor and outdoor

Choose the desired appearance

Be informed about the various finishes on our Mahogany tables. Different appearances, but all with top class protection against liquids and dirt. Does an epoxy finish or just a matte finish suit your interior?


The tables of Mahogany wood can be used both indoors and outdoors. Get informed about the possibilities for Mahogany outdoor tables.


Customize your mahogany table

We deliver these beautiful tables in the preferred size. You can specify both the desired length and the width. Together with the finish and the table base according to your wishes, we understand the meaning of real custom work.


We take care of the delivery of your mahogany table. For deliveries abroad we build a safe custom crate around the table for safe transport. We also give advice to keep your tree trunk table nice and have the right care products tailored to the type of finish.

Table bases for your Mahogany dining table

Every table base model is adapted to the length, width and weight of the table. The colour of the powder coating on the base will take care for the finishing touch of your Mahogany dining table. We are happy to inform you about our offer and options.

Mahogany table

More information about our Mahogany tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these beautiful live edge dining tables. Please indicate the size you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information. If you also want information about our dining chairs then visit our page of dining chairs or contact us to receive the catalogue.

Mahogany dining table

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