Petrified wood stool

Petrified wood stools

Multifunctional eyecatchers in the interior

  • Country of origin Java/Sumatra, Indonesia
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool

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Natural and stylish petrified wood stools

A petrified wood trunk is dug up from underground. The original tree trunks went underground millions of years ago, probably due to volcanic eruptions on Sumatra. A preservation process in the trunk has created beautiful structures and colours, which can even cause crystal formation. Whereas with our petrified wood coffee tables the trunks have been sawn into beautiful table tops, in the case of a petrified wood stool the original trunk has been sawn to side table height. The petrified wood trunk is supplied fully or partially polished.

Where our petrified wood coffee tables the petrified trunks have been sawn until beautiful table tops, in the case of petrified wood stools the petrified trunks has been sawn to side table height. The petrified wood stools are supplied fully or partially polished.


Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool
Petrified wood stool

Every petrified wood stool has a unique story

In addition to the beautiful appearance, every petrified wood trunk has a unique story. The history of petrified wood trunks goes back around 20 million years and each petrified wood stool has its own specific colour and appearance. In addition, they are excavated trunks, which makes it an environmentally friendly interior piece.

Petrified wood stools as a multifunctional interior piece

Petrified wood stools are used in various ways within interior projects. Besides or in front of the sofa, the petrified wood stools are beautiful side tables that we also deliver in identical sets of the same petrified trunk to match perfectly. In addition, the petrified stools are used as a column to present statues, plants or decorative pieces but also as a bedside table a petrified wood stool will cause a stunning image.

3 variations
Large offer

different styles

The petrified wood stools are available with natural sides where the original bark is still visible or you can choose for the fully polished version with polished sides and a modern look. This type of stool is also available in a square shape.


The best material selected for you

Each stool is selected on both appearance and quality. We only select the best petrified wood stools that meet our quality requirements.


Choose the stool(s) that best fits your interior style

We always have a large selection of petrified wood stools, both with natural sides and the modern version which is polished. In addition to the colour, you can therefore determine whether you want to use the natural or modern variant in your interior.


Wordwide delivery

Our stools are delivered worldwide: safely packed and against sharp shipping rates.


Before we deliver our petrified wood stools, each stool is treated with an extra coating to protect the top against liquids. In addition, we place felt on the underside of the stools to protect the floor. In this way the petrified wood stool is relatively easy to move.

Petrified wood stool

More information about our petrified wood stools/side tables?

We are happy to inform you about our petrified wood stools. Do you want to receive an overview of the current stock? Indicate your wishes concerning the colour and whether you prefer the natural or modern variant. You are of course very welcome in our showroom where we can show all the options.

Petrified wood stool

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