Petrified wood side table

Petrified wood side tables

Millions of years old, large assortment

  • Country of origin Java/Sumatra, Indonesia
Petrified wood side table
petrified wood side table
Petrified wood side table
Petrified wood table
Petrified wood side table
Petrified wood table

Unique petrified wood side tables

Petrified wood side tables are made from centuries-old material. Petrified trunks are dug up underground, in most cases on Sumatra Indonesia. The original tree trunks got underground by, most likely, volcanic eruptions in the past. Through a preservation process underground, mineral formation has occurred and a thereby petrified trunks contain beautiful colours and structures that become beautifully visible after polishing. Petrified wood side tables are therefore not only centuries old, but each piece is also unique. Talk about a unique side table..


Petrified wood side table
Petrified wood side table
Petrified wood side table
Petrified wood tables
Petrified wood table

Wide range of petrified wood side tables

We always have a large offer of petrified wood side tables with different appearances. You can always find a petrified wood side table that fits your interior style. We offer different table bases for your side table, from subtle to more robust. These table bases can be custom made so your petrified wood side table is delivered in the desired height. More information about these special petrified wood side tables can be found below.

Quality & Selection

What happens before your petrified wood table arrives at your home

After new petrified trunks are found, they are processed to tabletops. For this, huge diamond saws are used to saw the hard material. After the sawing work the top is polished so the beautiful colours and structures become visible.


The most beautiful side tables in stock

All the tables that we offer are personally selected on both appearance and quality. A diverse range of colours and character, always in the right quality.


Modern or natural

The petrified wood side tables are available with polished sides or natural sides where the original bark is often still clearly visible. Polished sides provide a modern character while the raw sides give a natural look.


Your custom made petrified wood side table

You can choose the type of table base, the desired height and finally the colour of the base.


Worldwide delivery

We deliver worldwide and offer sharp shipping rates and every table is carefully packed to ensure safe shipment.

Various offer of table base models

Every petrified wood side table is supplied in the desired height. The colour of the powdercoating on the base provides the finishing touch to your side table. We are happy to inform you about the options.

Table legs petrified wood side table

More information about petrified wood side tables?

We are happy to inform you about our petrified wood tables. Do you want to receive an overview of the current offer? Then inform us about your wishes regarding size, colour and appearance.

Petrified wood side table

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