Weatherproof ceramic outdoor tablesĀ 

Be surprised by our ceramic outdoor tables from the brand Dekton. A ceramic outdoor table is characterized by a luxurious look. These ceramic garden tables are very user friendly and are very suitable for outdoor use. The ceramic outdoor tables can be supplied in lengths till 320cm and the maximum width can be approximately 140cm.

Ceramic outdoor table round
ceramic outdoor table

Types of Dekton: choose the desired look of your ceramic outdoor table

We offer a wide range of types of ceramics that we can supply in the desired size. You can also determine the shape of the ceramic table top yourself; rectangular, square, round, oval or a Danish oval shape are among the options. In addition, the Dekton table tops are available in 12mm, 20mm or 30mm thickness. The different types of Dekton all have a different finish. More about this can be found below. In our showroom you can view all options, including the range of bases or ask us to send the options by email.


Characteristics of a Dekton outdoor table

  • High scratch resistance
  • Stain resistance; very easy to keep clean
  • Heat resistant

Finishes ceramic outdoor tables

The various colours and types of ceramic outdoor table tops have different designs. Choose the desired colour and look of your Ceramic garden table yourself. The possible finishes of our ceramic garden tables are shown below:

Satin finish
Matte finish

A subtle shine provides a luxurious look and makes the pattern stand out beautifully.


Choose a Dekton type with a matte finish if you want to create a natural look.


With a polished Dekton type, the table will really catch the eye in your garden. These types exude pure luxury.


A few types of Dekton have a natural-looking surface with a subtle relief, very special.

Custom table base for your ceramic outdoor table

Every table base model is adapted to the length, width and weight of the table. The colour of the powder coating on the base will take care for the finishing touch of your Ceramic table. We are happy to inform you about our offer and options.

Besides ceramic outdoor tables, we also have:

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