Discover the beauty of custom epoxy tables at Unik

At Unik we invite you to discover the extraordinary world of epoxy tables. Our professionals are ready to create unique tables that fully meet your specific wishes and needs. Whether it concerns epoxy coffee tables, epoxy dining tables, live edge epoxy tables of suar or mahogany, we deliver your epoxy table according to your wishes. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities.

Epoxy coffee tables: stylish and functional

At Unik we believe that a coffee table should be the beating heart of your living room. That is why we create custom epoxy coffee tables that perfectly match your style and interior. With a unique and eye-catching epoxy coffee table you create the right atmosphere in the room.


Epoxy dining tables: get together and enjoy

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your dining room with our epoxy dining tables. Whether you are having an intimate dinner for two or organizing a nice meeting, these tables provide the ideal setting for memorable moments. Epoxy dining tables bring out the best features of the wooden table top and provide a warm and striking appearance.

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Epoxy live edge tables: Natural beauty at home

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our epoxy live edge tables. The combination of wood and epoxy resin creates a stunning contrast that draws the attention. Each table tells its own story through the unique wood grain and vibrant colours. These tables are perfect for lovers of both a modern and natural interior style.

Suar epoxy tables: Warmth and character

The warm appearance of suar wood comes to life in our suar epoxy tables. These tables add a natural charm to any room and can be fully customized. The epoxy finish gives depth to the table, while the structure and grain of the suar wood are impressively highlighted. Whether you have a modern interior or want a more natural decor, these tables will add character and warmth to your home in any setting.

Mahogany epoxy tables: Timeless elegance

For a timeless and elegant look, choose our mahogany epoxy tables. The deep, rich mahogany wood is beautifully accentuated by the glossy epoxy resin, creating a piece that is both natural and contemporary. These tables are perfect for lovers of refined elegance and timeless design.
These tables are available in almost every conceivable size, with widths up to 130 cm. This not only creates an impressive image, but also offers enough space for extensive dinners.

epoxy dining table
big dining table epoxy

Discover the unique world of epoxy tables

At Unik we are ready to help you choose the perfect epoxy table for your interior. Whether you like the warmth of suar wood or the timeless elegance of mahogany. Visit our showroom or contact us via WhatsApp and discover how our epoxy tables can add a touch of unique beauty to your home.

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