A Suar live edge table from Unik: distinctive in appearance & quality

A live edge table of the highest quality in all its facets is the eye-catcher in the room. You buy these Suar tables for a long term. We are well aware of this and therefore ensure that our Suar live edge tables excel in both quality and appearance. Do you want your new treetrunk table to fully meet your needs? We supply our Suar wood tables entirely customized, from the finish of the top to the base. Together we customize the Suar table to your wishes.

Suar table
Suar table
Suar table
Suar table
suar table
Suar table

Why is the quality of our Suar tables distinctive?

Providing the right quality of tropical woods starts with the correct drying of the wood. Our Suar tables are dried until 11-13%, so that the Suar wood remains of good quality in our climate. The benefits of this good wood quality:

  • No cracks in the wood
  • No mold in the wood
  • Handy weight because of the little moisture
  • The good wood quality forms the basis for a beautiful finish of the table top

Suar table 

Do you want to know how to recognize the right quality with these tree trunk tables? We’ve put these points together in a document so you know what to look for. Send us a message to receive more information about this!

Certified wood

Sustainability runs like a thread through our product range. Our Suar tree trunk tables are manufactured with certified wood: extracted from areas designated by the government for legal logging with strict guidelines regarding the conservation of nature.

Finishing of our Suar tables

We offer a very diverse range of finishes for our Suar live edge tables. Top quality finishes, which means that you will purchase a maintenance-free treetrunk table. With multiple layers of lacquer in a matte, satin or high-gloss variant, your live edge table is perfectly protected against liquids. After all, you want your live edge table to look good for years right? So do we..

You can see some possible finishes of our suar treetrunk table below:

Matte finish
Satin finish
High gloss finish
Whitewash finish
Dark finish (Walnut)
Smooth finish

A matte finish without a gloss provides a beautiful natural effect, whereby the natural wood color and grain is clearly highlighted.


A treetrunk table finished in satin gives a subtle chic touch to the table. It gives the table a more modern look.


Extend a modern interior style with a epoxy table. The high gloss lacquer layer creates extra depth in the grain.


A subtle whitewash finish ensures a modern style in which we ensure that the structure in the wood remains beautifully visible. Available with a matte or satin top layer.


This dark finish provides a chic effect. This gives the live edge table a smooth dark Walnut look and the top layer can be finished in matte or satin. Perfect match in a sleek interior with walnut elements.


Sides coloured

With this finish we provide less contrast in color so that the whole looks a bit calmer. Different variations are possible, ask us about the possibilities.



We create your Suar table together: from the choice and finish of the table top to the table base model and colour of powdercoating on the base. Each base is adjusted to the length, width and weight of the table. The colour of the coating on the base provides the finishing touch to your Suar live edge table. We are happy to inform you about our offer and the possibilities.

Live edge table Suar

More information about our Suar tables?

Do you want more information or do you want to receive a price indication? We are happy to inform you about these beautiful live edge dining tables. Please indicate the size you are looking for, so that we can provide specific information. If you also want information about our dining chairs then visit our page of dining chairs or contact us to receive the catalogue.

Suar live edge table

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