A view surrounded by natural luxury

With a magnificent view of the city and the water, this is a pearl of an apartment in Rotterdam. The interior fits the intended style: luxurious and modern. One of our side tables made of petrified wood was chosen as a side table for the luxury armchair. This is a very special item from this range. Instead of a solid piece, this is the lightweight version of a petrified wood stool. The space inside is hollow and the outside is formed by polished parts of petrified wood. The petrified wood pieces are connected with transparent epoxy resin: a beautiful product.

The matching petrified wood coffee table fits fantastic with the look of the apartment. The table is completely polished so that the table suits perfectly in the atmosphere of the room. The brown earth tones give the table the desired warmth. Between the modern interior this is a table with a history that goes back millions of years. More information below:



Petrified wood stools

This petrified stool is a lightweight version of the solid variant. The petrified wood stool is therefore easy to move. We have various variants of petrified stools available: modern square and round models and models with a natural look. For more information take a look on the page of petrified wood stools.

Petrified wood stool

Petrified wood coffee table

Petrified wood coffee tables are made from huge petrified trunks that are mainly found on Sumatra. The fossil wood comes from fallen trees millions of years back in time. Beautiful brown earth tones in combination with modern black tones and the original annual rings still visible: a very unique piece of furniture. This coffee table is made to measure so that it falls just under the seat of the couch. For more take a look at our petrified wood tables:

Petrified wood table

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Petrified wood stool