Unique, natural & sustainable

The client for this special project was looking for unique interior items that match the architecture of the house. Modern and natural style is perfectly combined. The interior items that we supplied give an extra cachet to the whole. Nice fact is that the delivered products have the same kind of background.
Within the project, the petrified trunks serve as bedside tables along the sides of the bed. A modern variant of these trunks has been chosen with a polished look in black colour to match with the rest of the room. The petrified stools are dug up under the ground on Sumatra and are around 20 million years old.

Not petrified, but centuries old is the wood that is used for the dining table: Kauri wood from New Zealand. Just as with the petrified stools, these huge tree trunks where the tops are made from, also come from underground. In addition to the beautiful appearance of these products, the story behind these products naturally fits in perfectly: unique and sustainable. More information about the products below:

    Kauri table

    In many cases, we deliver our Kauri tables in custom sizes according to the wishes of our customers. This is also the case with this Kauri table, where we have discussed the preferences with the client such as the colour of the table top, the grain structure and the desired finish. Based on the preferences, a suitable table top has been selected and finished as desired. The base of the table is custom made so the chairs fit perfetcly under the table. More information about these special tables can be found on the product page of our Kauri tables.

    Kauri table

    Petrified wood stools as bedside tables

    The polished petrified stools as bedside tables have the perfect mix between modern and natural. The black colours in these petrified trunks match nicely with the blinds and the bed. More information about our petrified wood stools can be found here:

    Petrified wood stool

    More information?

    We are happy to think along about the realization of your project. Feel free to contact us!

    Kauri table