Centuries old bistro tables

Restaurant “Noble Kitchen” of this brand new golf club Bernardus exudes a great atmosphere. Commissioned by architect Pieter Laureys, we have supplied identical bistro tables made of petrified wood, material of approximately 20 million years old. Petrified wood comes from fossilized trunks in which wonderful colours and mineral deposits have arised over the millions of years. Because the table tops come from the same petrified trunk, the tables fit together perfectly. The colours of the material match nicely with the overall colours used in the room. More information can be found below:

Petrified wood bistro tables

The petrified wood tables that we have supplied for this project come from a large petrified trunk, originating from Sumatra Indonesia. Millions of years under the ground where fossilization created beautiful colours and structures. We have specifically selected the relevant table tops for this project based on the wishes of the client. The colours that appear in these table tops fit perfectly into the surroundings of the restaurant: chic and stylish with a natural touch. Are you curious about the possibilities or our offer of petrified wood tables, then please look further on our website.

Bistro table

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Bistro table