Bistro tables with a unique appearance

For this beautiful restaurant we have delivered our bistro tables in a high gloss top layer. Not only the protection with this high gloss lacquer layer is optimal, but the appearance of this beautiful wood also comes out perfectly with this type of finish. Because the high gloss layer has been sprayed in several layers, a beautiful depth is created in the wood so that the grain and the colours in this the Suar wood restaurant tables look even more beautiful. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities with us or to see our entire range of bistro tables. More information below:

    Bistro tables in custom sizes

    We have various unique wooden bistro tables on offer. In addition, we have a large selection of marble restaurant tables of many different types of marble. Our wooden bistro tables are available in special finishes. We can supply our marble restaurant tables in a matte or polished version. This way we can perfectly match every bistro table from our range with the style of the restaurant or hotel where they are placed.

    Bistro table

    Our selection of bistro tables

    Are you curious about our range of bistro tables? Then contact us or look at our page of bistro tables.

    Bistro table

    More information?

    We are happy to think along about the realization of your project. Feel free to contact us!

    Bistro table