Warmth and atmosphere with Suar bar tables

Hotel “Old Dutch” is situated in a prime location in the middle of the famous “Dijk” in Volendam. A hotel / restaurant with an authentic look. The first start of a restyling project is made with these customized Suar Bar Tables. The atmosphere of the Bar of this hotel suits these bar tables that radiate warmth and cosiness. We offer great possibilities with this type of wood because we can supply this tropical wood in top quality and can therefore supply in almost any size, whether it be wooden panels, bar tables, bistro tables or bar tops.

Suar wood bistro tables

Our bistro tables are available in custom sizes, but we also have standard sizes in stock. We provide this beautiful wood in the right quality, suitable for the use in restaurants and of course with a good protective top layer. If you want more information about our restaurant tables, then look further below or look at one of our restaurant projects where we have delivered this type of table in a modern high-gloss finish.

Bistro table

More information?

We are happy to think along about the realization of your project. Feel free to contact us!

Bistro table